Jim Quick Facts:

  • Elected Beaver's Youngest Councilman.
  • Sponsored and delivered a property tax cut for Beaver Borough residents.
  • Was the lone vote against property tax hike (8-1).
  • Helped build a $150,000 surplus.
  • Chairs Beaver Council's Finance Committee.
  • Graduated from Beaver High School & Washington and Jefferson College
  • Started working at age 12 delivering the Beaver County Times.
  • Member, First Presbyterian Church in Beaver
  • Currently works for Mercedes-Benz of Pittsburgh.
  • Fourth generation Beaver Countian.
  • Great grandson of Italian immigrants.

Meet Jim Christiana

My name is Jim Christiana and I'm preparing to run for state representative because I believe it's time for you and I to say 'we've just had enough' of business as usual in the State Capitol.

I'm running because I feel responsible to make the Beaver County we all inherited from hard working immigrant grandparents and great grandparents a place where you don't have to give up your house because you can't pay the property tax bill.

I'm running because I think you should still be able to open a small business and be an entrepreneur without the government overtaxing your bottom line.

A state where you won't have to be afraid that an unfair lawsuit will force a family doctor or local hospital out of business.

These are real problems that the politicians in Harrisburg promise to solve, but never get around to solving.

I'm running because when I came home after graduating from college to get a job, I knew I would either have to accept the way things are, or work hard to change them.

As a Member of Beaver Council, I've been a leader in the struggle to cut taxes for working families and balance budgets more like a family's checkbook.

The good news is that we're starting to get results. The more difficult news to report is that so many of our problems can only be solved with honest, responsive and accessible leaders in the State Capitol.

Over the next year I want you to get to know me. I want you to make a vote based on more than my resume or my education or my family name. Before you vote, I want you to really understand my passion for service and the core values that guide my decisions.

Let's get together soon!